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our story – why we do what we do

Concrete, when formed and molded into unconventional elements around your home, embodies a sense of authenticity that few other materials posses. Simply put, it’s perfectly imperfect. The desire to incorporate these materials into your surroundings, speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for – real, genuine, authentic.

Traditionally, concrete products such as these were only available through local artisans who had the skill, expertise, and materials to create such elements, after all, we’re not talking traditional concrete here. This localized approach; however, limits availability and drives up costs, and only serves a small segment of the market that craves this type of product. The rest of use were left to choose from a list of uninspiring materials that couldn’t tell our story.

ultraMix Concrete exists to challenge this norm and not to just change the game, but to create a new one. We don’t buy into the belief that it can’t be done in a non-traditional way, because we’re doing it. We believe we can enhance the lives of our customers with products that champion their authenticity.

No doubt we are disrupting the decorative concrete industry. Our science and technology, along with our proprietary manufacturing processes and distribution channels allow us to design, manufacture, and deliver distinctively crafted concrete products that tell your story.

If you would like more information about our products, how you can use them, or how you can sell them, please feel free to contact us.