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pool coping

The ultraMix line of pre-cast concrete pool coping is a great way to set your pool apart from anything else on you block. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, our coping product will not only look great around your pool, it will hold up to the harsh elements of every day of the summer use. In addition to around the pool, our coping product is great for capping the raised walls of a spa, built-in fountains, or even as stair treads.

ultraMix Concrete Products Pool Coping is cast from a proprietary blend of natural and sustainable raw materials formulated to produce a unique and superior concrete mix designed to be used when producing lightweight, eco-friendly concrete products for both interior and exterior use. The ultraMix proprietary blend of cement/sand slurry, admixtures and alkali-resistant glass fibers, without the addition of large aggregates, produces an extremely dense, strong, durable, and lightweight product that will withstand the rigors of everyday use and extreme environmental conditions.

Additionally, our unique wet casting manufacturing processes and quality control standards allow us to deliver a superior quality product that is the preferred choice for many designers, architects, and builders. ultraMix Concrete Products are made by hand in our factory in Ft. Worth, Texas. We believe in maintaining this production process and the use of our propriety blend of raw materials because it delivers products that exhibit a unique warmth and elegance that cannot be achieved with other methods.